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Lecture 2

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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Lecture 2 notes – HLTB02H3 th May 14 2012 - Outline 3 approves to understanding development: jean piaget, lev vygotsky, bowlby and attachment theory - Jean piaget: o Swiss scientist-philosopher o Believed in genetic epistemology as an approach to understanding development o Thought that children were “little thought sacks” o Was a constructivist: he thought we use thoughts like building blocks - Children actively participate in their own development - Scientists in the crib - Construct their understanding of the world through hypothesis testing - The basic processes of development are: o Organization o Adaptation - Assimilation o You receive info about the world o Assess the info, If it fits with the theory, no need to change - Accommodation - Schemas: o A mental model of an aspect of the world o We can operate through them o Scripts plans or goals o Dynamic and continually updated o Visual and verbal o Higher stage of development, higher schema o Used in cognitive therapy o Aaron T. Beck: schemas are a cognitive structure for screening - Sensorimotor stage o Child begins to coordinate her body and senses o Develops from instinctive reactions to ward
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