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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Hltb02- final lecture April 4 , 2011.. Mozart effect- -brain goes through critical periods, if no stimulation is present the brain will prune -lots of stimulation, you will have more brain power growing up, more flexibility jenny mccarthy- started a campaign permerisol causes autism- she said stop vaccinated your children and you will prevent autism in your child -risk of developmental disorder increases after 32 years, but in a very small way -she was going on and on about ethyl mercury hadnt been used in 10 years -most children fall into a grey area in terms of diagnosing autism -scary diagnosis because children never tell you they love you, hug you, etc. (all the things a parent counts on to get from child) -1 in 100 children diagnosed with children; may be over diagnosed - Thiomersol: mercury derivative -ethyl mercury- harmless mercury derivative, metabolised and excreted from bodily easily -parents usually notice autism at about the time when children receive routine vaccination Explanation- ramsay can find no indication that McCarth
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