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Lecture 5

Week 5 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies

Lecture 5October 17th 2011international comparisons for second papermanitoba saskatchewan and alberta have the highest infant mortality rate because of high levels of inequality for aboriginal peoplethe poorest neighborhoods have the highest portion of low birth rate babiesQ4 low wage jobs and infant mortalitylow birth ratelatent effect of low birth ratesuggests that we are growing more unequalCity of toronto and vancouver have high inequality because they are large citieswe are not doing a lot to help children in low income householdscanada does not invest as much in families as it used towelfare stateother countries score better than canada in percentage of children living in poverty even though canada is a liberal welfare statewhen families are low income they need to use the food bank which does not provide sufcient nourishment intrauterine growth restriction this is related to growing income polarityinuences with regards to socioeconomic conditions and a childs healthmaterial parental income schools environmentsculturalbehavioral parental beliefs norms and valuespsychosocial statuslife coursepolitical economywe will have disadvantaged children unless governments intervene with policiesif senior levels of governm
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