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Lecture 6

notes week 6

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Health Studies

Week 6: Hulchanski Canada's financial status in 2001 was really good. Federal transfer payments to the provinces and territories have been falling since 1980 The transfer payments fund health care, education and welfare. Mulroney started the cuts on welfare in 1990, Chretien continued them Provinces dealt with decreased funding by cutting support for poor ppl because they don't vote as much as wealthier ppl, and when they do, they don't vote for the two major parties.å The amount of money families on welfare get is not enough to pay for even a one bedroom apartment, even tho they need more bedrooms than that. Mass homelessness emerged in Canada as a result of all these cuts in funding. Low-income households suffered the burden of fighting the country's deficit—the burden was not equally shared. Compared to other countries, Canada is not doing anything to ensure good living conditions for its population. Federal AND provincial policies have played a significant role in causing sever housing problems and homelessness. Week 7: Cathy Crowe Lecture Social housing lists are sooo long. Rents are really high because there
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