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Lecture 3

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Health Studies
Scott Sams

HLTC43 Lecture 3Wednesday May 29 20131004 AMCue ColumnNoteTaking Area LECTURE 3 PART 1Theories of Public PolicyPurpose To introduce frameworks for understanding decision making in the health policymaking processLessons from todays classTheories are based in assumptions that influence how we look at health policy1The dominant approach to public policy emphasizes objectivity in a contested political 2processHow do theories differ in their interpretation of the political influences on healthWhat is a theoryFrameworks for understanding factsphenomenaoSets of statements or principlesoEmphasize different features of policy process to explain decisionomakingApproachassumptions rooted in valuesgeneral model of societyoWhy should I careTheories influence development and implementation of health policyoUnderstanding assumptions important to understanding health policy oissuesCharacteristics of theories I Levels of analysisMacrooBroad issuesContours of political systemhow power exercised within itTwo types of health policyOrganizationdelivery of health care1Public approach entitlements of citizenshipPublic approach we have human rightentitlementPrivate approach commodities to be bought and sold on open marketMarket approach delivery commodity health buy on open market be charged for it Developmentimplementation of healthrelated policies2Assurance of economic and social securityMarketoriented approaches to delivery of goods and servicesExamplesHealth care Creation of publicprivate partnerships1Health Creation of national daycare program2MesooFocus on middlelevel institutionsdepartments ministriesActual institutionsWay HC is implemented Accountable to governmentCan recommend changes to both types of health policyExamplesHealth care Creating a telehealth line1Health Changing eligibility requirements for social 2assistanceMicrooAdministrativeroutine daytodayMonitoring government operations HLTC43 Page 1
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