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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Health Policy and Public Policy Studies 1192012 90900 AM y For assignment use headings APA citation Number each page and put your name on each page Put it on Turn It In Page number when using direct quote but its safe to include it anywaysy Direct quote Bryant 2012 p 1 y Author named in signal phrase According to Bryant 2012 Scott is among the best teaching assistants I have worked with p 1 y Author not named in signal phrase She states studentat Bryant 2012 p 1 y Multiple pages Sams 2012 isbecause theyin pp 12 pp because 2 pages but above ones only p because one page y Paragraph 36 sentences y Health policy related to social determinants of health and what makes that up Affordable housing workplace conditions etc y More explicit if we have enough doctors vaccines but she emphasizes these less y Look at it from a Canadian perspective but can reference other countries Can be an issue from the past since issues are always in the background y Introduction 12 page o Set argument in 12 sentences 1 What the issue is and 2 solutiono Set out plan for rest of essay in 1 sentencey Bodyo Subheadings 2 Media coverage 1 page3 issue importance 1 page4 addressing the issue 12 pages support with public policy literature public social movements health professionals government 5 conclusion 12 page y Box 16o Market Tension between wellbeing of individual and that of societyo Polis ideal society people come to decide with what can meet the interest of the collective o Less focused on individuals rather than focus on trees they focus on the forest Peoples preferences come from externality o They consider what can be done to make improvements o Supposed to be more cooperation than in market example having public health care system which means we share the risks o In the past with no public health care people lost their homes to pay for health Doctors lost jobs to pay for health o Regardless of income everyone has access in poliso Canada is polis in terms of health care whereas USA is market for health care If people cant afford to go to the doctor they just dont go
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