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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Paradigms and Public Policy1262012 90700 AM What is a paradigm y It is a way of knowing and understanding the worldy Overarching of ideas of assumptions about the social world and how we can build knowledge about the social world y Determinants how we define issues and how we investigate them y How does it influence policy analysis or governmenty Paradigm is important for understanding motives and biasesy Influences who acts or not What is health y Medical presence of other risk factors Highly individualized because between doc and individualy BehavioralLifestyle health behavior Concerned about risk factors for chronic diseases Goes a bit beyond biomedical approach Reduce risk factors such as an obese person or someone with high blood pressure Do this by exercise diet stop smoking stop alcohol Highly individualized because its about what the individual can do to change their satiationy SocioEnvironmental concerned with social support About broader physical social environment in which we live shapes our behavior Helping high risk neighbors Making their lives easier with support such as food resources find employment Goes from helping individual to a community y StructuralCritical those structured that we cant see that influences our lives and health Concerned with larger population and political power income employment and how it is distributedWays of Knowing y Positivism y Interpretivism providing insights into power and how it is exercised how groups in society are dominant y Critical Theory concerned about injustice and issues of power and finding a solution Similar to deconstruction Recognizing inequalities that are there and need to understand whats going on Looking at how resources are distributed and trying to find a solution through political action government taking action to address an issue Concerned with issues of democracy and trying to make the policy process more democratic and making people whos voices in the policy process being able to express their viewsThree Forms of Knowledge
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