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Lecture 4

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Theories of Public Policy 222012 90800 AM y Structural approach is concerned with text and motivations made Not about social transformation but looking at forms of oppression Critiquing how power is being exercised How civil society operates within the public policyProminent Trends in Public Policy Making y Federalprovincial cooperation y Incremental spending increases y Federal recognition of provincial constitutional authority and responsibility y Expand knowledge base of policy sectors y Executive dominance over legislatureo Overtime they would adjust spending to health care might go up by fewHealth care increases every yearo Responsible for delivering and paying a cost of it Initiatives Related to Health Carey Canada Health Transfer CHT y Longterm predictable funding for health care and supports the principles of the Canada Health Act y CHT transfer payments made on an equal per capital basis and include both cash and tax point transfers y CHT cash levels set in legislation up to 201314 and grow by 6 per cent annually y CHT cash tax transfer27 billion in 201112 and over 30 billion in 201314 y CHT support through a tax transfer CHT tax transfers amount of 136 billion in 201112 and will continue to grow in line with the economy y Source httpwwwfingccafedprovchtengasp y National Forum on Health 19941997 in dustbin y 300 million to provinces for innovations in homecare and drug coverage 1997 The Social Union Framework y Series of processes and structuresy Procession of policy decisions y Cluster of perspectives o Look at allocations for budget o Specific program changes for Canadian Aboriginals No action to address problem o Looking at Canadian federalismo Look at various roles of government especially in health care Always focus on around health care issues 4 Phrases of Canadian National Policy Change
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