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Lecture 5

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Understanding Policy Change292012 91300 AM ASSIGNMENT 2 y Select two models and compare and contrast similar difference advantage disadvantage y Based on what you present which helps understand health policy issue can choose health policy issue to demonstrate y What can be done to influence public policy to improve health of Canadian population and what can be done about particular issue what government citizen can do y Use public policy literature to support argumentsTypes of Public Policy Theories y Consensus Rational focus on technical aspects of public policy Government and civil society arrive at best possible solution to a social problem on the basis of a consensus within society y ConflictCriticalConflicting interests influence public policy y Concern with role of political ideology economic interests market as dominant influences on public policy outcomes o Pharmaceutical health insurance are very powerful interestso Consensus model people say move beyond class conflict and class issues to look at whats really going on o Conflict model goes in more deeply how various interest shape stuff and what change is required for inequalityParadigm y World viewy Way of knowing about the social world y Set of assumptions and beliefs about how to investigate and understand the social world o Like ideologies and beliefs about knowledge and how its created o We have rational model of policy change which is consensus o Scientific knowledge has an important knowledge to make public policy process like a science This is an example of paradigm o Realms about ideas of knowledgeRational y Emphasis on ideas reason logicy Maximizing efficiencies within government o Want to see a body of evidence supporting and they want to see reason
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