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Lecture 01- HLTC03

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

HLTCO3Politics of Canadian Health PolicyLecture 01HLTC03Politics of Canadian Health PolicyOVERVIEWpublic policies are made by governments many different stakeholders that try to influence public policyhealth and healthcare a very critical paradigmKEY HEALTH ISSUESbiomedical model insist that people are responsible for their own healthMedicare Romano Report 20022003 building on valuescitizens feel a deep attachment to Medicare and believed people would respond if Medicare were to be dismantledPeople are beginning to appreciate the Medicare coverage however some aspects must still be paidPeople had sacrificed so much during depression and WWII but didnt want to live with insecurity and thus income was required and being able to have healthcare covered would be a relievethus brought Medicare into placeBenefits to have a public health care program do not have to paypolitical ideology a set ideas about what specific groups believes should be valuedconflict powers clash of classesbaby boom aging WHAT IS HEALTH POLICYa decision made by government set by a set of policies to
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