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Lecture 02- HLTC03

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Lecture 02 HLTC03Politics of Canadian Health Care Policy Concepts of Society Market ModelPolis Model 1 Unit of analysisIndividual Community 2 Motivations selfinterestpublic interest3 Chief conflict self vs selfself vs public 4 Source of peoples idea self generationinfluences from outside 5 Nature of collective activity competition cooperation and competitionFour Broad Concepts of Health y Medical traditional o Health concept biomedical o Leading health problems disease categories and physiological risk factors o Very traditional and individualistic approacho Emphasis is on health professionals y Behavioural lifestyle o Individual lifestyle healthy behavior o Taking action to ensure that the individual does not get sicko Compatible with biomedical approachaddition of prevention in this model o Health concept health as energy functional ability diseasepreventing lifestyles o Leading health problems behavioral risk factors eg smoking diet fitness etc o The individual is held responsible y SocioEnvironmentalsocietal o Population basedcommunity based o Leading
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