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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Health Studies
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Toba Bryant

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Influences on Health Policy Political and Economic Context of Health Care Policy 2162012 90900 AM Types of Pubic Policy Theories Consensus Rational y Pluralism y Public Choice y New Institutionalism y Rational Choice y Sociological y Historical Critical y Structural Marxism Grand Theory o Political Economy o Feminist Political Economy o Embodies social transformation but sees people as acting on to bring the change Consensus model sees it as there and the end would be what the best we can get Peter Halls Policy Paradigm Policy paradigms Different types of policy outcomesy Paradigm Realm of discourse in which policymakers work y Social Learning role of ideas in public policymaking process y Distinguish between learning processes associated with normal and radical policy change Typology of policy change y FirstOrder Change o Resources available to community y SecondOrder Change o Normal as well but change as instrumentation o Example smokinguse public campaign to make people stop smoking targeting young people who are picking up smokingnot knowing fully about it o They find that it doesnt work so starting to tax tobacco products more so it would be an incentive to stop o Move from voluntary to involuntary o Havent changed goals of health policy just targeting one part of health policy Biomedical health approach to social determinant of health o No longer about health care and what doctors do but looking at broader working conditions and what can be done
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