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Lecture 8

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Lecture 8Canadian Health Care Reform 382012 72200 AMDeborah Stone Markets and the PolisContrast between political and market societiesMarket society grossly distorts political lifeMore concern about economic growthLooking for own interestsPolis is the larger communityChapter 1 page 18 What each model in society meansKey Aspect of Public InterestIndividual vs Collective InterestsImpact of market and polis on health care reform Impact that its going to have on public system Myth Parallel System Reduces Waiting TimesWhere do private systems doctors come fromWho benefitsWho supports itWhy do they support itAre these issues adequately covered in public discussionsHow are these issues addressed in the public sphere and to what extent Three Major Reports on Health Care ReformClair Commission Quebec Jan 2001Fyke Report Sask April 2001Mazankowski Atla Dec 2001Kirby Report Oct 2002Romanow ReportThree Major ReportsWhat are their main recommendationsWhat are the bases of these recommendationsWhat role do ideology and values playWhat are the implications of carrying out these policy options A Framework for Reform Mazankowski ReportFundamental changes in how we should organize and deliver health care servicesandin how we pay for health services Exec SummaryPublic spending is not enoughDirect payments by citizens Mazankowski Report II
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