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Lecture 3


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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

LECTURE 3Paradigms and Public Policy o How paradigms influence public policy and health policyWhat is a paradigm o Overarching systems of ideas How do we build knowledge about a social world The paradigm not only defines issues but how we go about investigating o How do governments define issues Some are issues for them some are not Its like an ideology o Political partieswhether they are opposition or government Especially governments they have ideas about how they should be addressing them Its governments that take actions or inactions Nondecisions are equally decisionsthey decide to take action or they decide not to do something they have reasons for doing something or not What Is health o MedicalMedical intervention by doctor or health professional Health risk factors Prescribe medication Linear way of seeing the world Highly individualized Expert driven It is assumed we need a doctoro Behavioral lifestyleHealth behaviorsConcerned with risk factors to with chronic disease Its about prevention Want to bring it under control through diet exercise Reducing risk factors to reduce chronic conditions Highly individualized What the individual can do to change their situationo Socioenvironmental approachInner city environment urban bliteneighborhood where there is not a lot of resources available Materially deprived neighborhoods Social environments we live shape our environment Socioenvironmental is concerned with providing social support The aim is to try to make their lives a bit easier eg food program employment training etco Structuralcritical approachStructures we cant see but has influenced our healthConcerned with political power and inequality Income housing employment is distributed in a societyeg occupy movementthey were concerned with the fact that 99 of people that dont have jobs Whats the story behind the storyWays of knowingsocial science theorieso Positivismo InterpretiveDeconstruction More concerned with providing insights of power How power is exercised and how some societies are dominated Tries to understand the motives examine particular advocacy groups about particular issues What is implicit not what we can do about these issues They just dive into it deeper to get the bigger meaning
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