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Lecture 4


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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

LECTURE 4Positivismo Emphasizes the use of scientific knowledge Policy process as a science They want it to be scientific therefore it will produce better policies They want to reduce ideologies politics Deconstruction approach o Concern with text They dont want to bring about social transformation but want to bring about forms of oppression Critical or critique approach o How resources are distributed in society o They are concerned how civil society operates Wants to make a changeCharles le Blaunrole of knowledge most people have and how this has a more impact on policy making rather than scientific THEORIES OF PUBLIC POLICYLECTURE 3Prominent trends in Public policy making o Federalprovincial cooperationBack in the days federal gov gave 50 and so did provincial and territorial Back in the days Provinces and territorial were responsible for extra costs and how to implement health serviceso Incremental spending increases o Federal recognition of provincial constitutional authority and responsibility o Expand knowledge base of policy sectors o Executive dominance over legislature Initiatives related to health care o Canada HEALTH TRANSFER CHT o Longterm predictable funding for health care and supports the principles of the Canada Health act o CHT transfer payments made on an equal per capita basis and include both cash and tax point transfers o CHT cash levelsset in legislation up to 201314 and grow by 6 per cent annuallyo CHT cash transfer27 billion in 201112 and over 30 billion in 201214 o CHT support through a tax transfer see tax transfers CHT tax transfers amount to 136 billion in 201112 and will continue to grow in line with the economy The social union Framework o To try to repair the relationship between the 2 levels of government Between federal and provincial and territorial government o Series of processes and structuresDeveloping joint planso Procession of policy decisions o Cluster of perspective 4 phases of Canadian National policy change o 19801984maintaining the social safety net o 19841988 restraining social program costs o 19881997 restructuring the social role of government o 1997 Present repairing the social unionHealth policy initiatives
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