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Lecture 7


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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

LECTURE 7 Canadian health care systemOverview o Canadian health care systemo Federal Federal health care legislation uses the spending power to support programs to insure there are national standards in care Where ever you are at To have effective delivery Seeing the doc is coveredo 1958 hospital and diagnostic services actAct that implemented the cost sharing Each government is responsible for half of the services It is cheaper this way Then privateThis was to insure that each province is getting their careFederal costsharing 50 hospital and physical services with the provincial government o 1966 medical care actEnshrined principle of public payment for private medical practice of FFS fee for servicePrivate medical practice became normNo coverage for other health care providers They send the bill to government and the government pays the bills This is why we have OHIP numbers Private practice for public paymentLet doctors have the private practice and we will pay them for their services This was this planAt this time federal and provincial put In 50 percent eacho 1977 established programs financing Shifted from shared cost funding to block grant system
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