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Lecture 10

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

LECTURE 10 HEALTH POLICY IN PERSPECTIVE CANADIAN FEDERALISMFederalism o Formation of federation to unite diverse communities o Bicameral legislaturetwo housesIs a unitarycentral state BNA act and constituion act o BNA act 1867 and amendmentso Create federation provinces territories Parliament Provincal legislatures Prominent trends in public policy making o Shared vision and policy framework o Governments working together more than in the past and with other sectors o Incremental increases in public spending o Federal recognition of authority and responsibility for most social and health programs in provincal and territorial governments o Expansion of knowledge base of policy sectors o Executive dominance over legislative roleEvolution of Canadian Federalismo Three periods1950s to early 1960s cooperative federalismThere were shared responsibilityMid19650s to 1990s executive federalismMid1990s into 2000s collaborative federalism4 phases of Canadian National Policy change o 19801984 ma
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