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Lecture 11

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

Lecture 11 April 5 2012Polis Versus the MarketCollectivist o Welfare of community o Share risk across o PopulationMinimize inequality The Queen is the state butFederal government in power o Davido Members of the House are appointed by the Prime Minister o 3 opposition parties NDP LiberalCanadas system is based on the UK government o Overlap between Cabinet Parliament lower house Upper House House of Lords UK and Senate CanadaSenate to be of no use is in debate in fact party in power usually appoints its own people so bills can be passedParliamentary government Senate is not elected Provincial level is responsible for delivering healthcare and also set policiesFederal level is responsible for delivering healthcare only to Aboriginals o Uses its spending power pay for 50 of the services and the rest by provincialmunicipalMedicare o Initially was municipal in Saska
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