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Health Studies
Toba Byrant

Deborah Stone: Markets and the Polis - Contrast between political and market societies - Market society grossly distorts political life - Polis is the preferred political society - In the market society there is more concern about the economic growth and see people as maximizing their own good - Polis is the larger community interest or collective will - Concept of polis came from ancient Greek though; slaves of women weren’t allowed to vote; but now there is right to vote for everyone Key Aspect of Public Interest - Individual vs. Collective Interests - Impact of market and polis on health care reform Myth: Parallel System Reduces Waiting Time - Where do private systems doctors come from? - Who benefits? - Who supports it? - Why do they support it? - Are these issues adequately covered in public discussions? To what extent? - What kind of solutions are being considered? Three Major Reports on Health Care Reform - Clair Commission (Quebec)- Emerging Solutions (Jan 2001) - Fyke Report (Sask) – Caring for Medicare (April 2001) - Mazankowski Report (Alta) – A Framework for Reform (Dec 2001) - Kirby Report – The Health of Canadians – - The Romonow Report Three Major Reports? - What are the main recommendations? Mazankowski Report I - Fundamental changes in how we should organize and deliver health care services …and… in how we pay for health services (Exec. Summary) - Public spending is not enough - Direct payments by citizens - Funding Mechanism o User frees o Premiums, deductibles, co-payment o Taxing people for use o Medical savings accounts - To see how expensive health services are - Privately funded and delivered health services - Supplementary or private insurance - T o expand the private role in health care and expend services – unregulated monopoly - Competition and choice - Reduced coverage - Believed that allowing a greater private role allowed for greater innovations - Delisted services paid for privately - “Experimental” but is it really? - “Private innovators could do wonders for our health system” - He wants to marketize health care more - Commericialization and privatization - UK experiment with privatized rail services: - Greater r
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