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Lecture 11

HLTC03 Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Scott Sams

Health in the Welfare State Purpose: To introduce and compare the different types of welfare state and the role of health policy in them. Objectives: 1. Learn what welfare states are and why the Canadian welfare state emerged. 2. Introduce theories developed to understand different characteristics of welfare states and the influences that shaped their development. 3. Consider the influence of different types of welfare states on health expenditure and health outcomes. 4. Explore challenges to the welfare state. • Defining the “welfare state”- state where the government plays a role in the social well being of its citizens: public responsibility for people who can’t provide for themselves and the equitable distribution of wealth • Some degrees it’s an intervention state • Types of intervention: healthcare, education, training, employment insurance, pensions, social assistance • The Canadian welfare state- governments spend through economic downturn- with this spending you can manage inflation and spending, employment • Theories o Residual-institutional- dichotomous typology- give a less developed welfare state- benefits are lower; (lose your job you won’t get as much money), not a universal or comprehensive state- directs it to those who needs it the most  Comes with it means testing  Residual approach is a reactive approach- how can we cope with situations when they happen  Institutional approach- social investment- welfare state program is an entitlement program- you’re entitled to it by virtue of citizenship  Institutional welfare state- is about pr
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