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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTB17 Week 12 Notes • What you need to know about chapter 12 is on this slide • How can you analyze your own views in order to be more understanding of others in their position • Questioning and experimenting with strategies until you’ve looked at the problem in a different light • Reflexivity is about expanding your knowledge base, thinking outside the box, collaboration with different communities to solve health issues • Obese kids in low income neighbourhoods • The family members of the kid, the kid, the local health department, the schools, neighbourhood community members, housing officials, parks and rec, employment services, mental health support services, etc. • 3 stages: beforehand, during, afterword • Box. 12.1 examples of “What if” Questions • Challenges would come from power struggles, from different expertise opinions, control issues • Art and visuals and health, how can the visual arts help • photography • The way Western medical society views woman’s bodies • She thought orthodox medicine was violent toward women, tried to take power back by taking the photographs • She believed that photos were never the full truth, they were somebody’s truth in the moment • Reflexivity = your truth is not the truth, it is part of the journey • She wanted a lumpectomy, the doctor wanted to remove the breast. She won. • The frame also covers her mouth, inability to express her opinion (not having power) • • We know her death is emanate because now she’s lying on the hospital bed. • The intravenous cord that connects her to biomedical, death, medicine. • The other cord is the photography bulb. • Rhizome • It’s a plant that’s able to spread itself out to other people. • A way of saying health promotion is composed of many different interlocking parts. • If one of these parts breaks off, it could start a new plant. • Oppose the idea that knowledge can only grow in one way. • Health promotion is a collaborative event and it’s diverse and complex. 1. Although health has moved up in political importance, health promotion has not. Most people are still unaware of the importance of the SDOH. They don’t know the multidimensional and complexity in health. 2. Builds on the links of people and their environment. Health promotion to pair up with sustainable development. In many cases, best choice for health is also best choice for environment. Usually most ethical choice. It’s only been confined through healthcare services. You can’t just look at healthcare, have to look at the environment. 3. Recognizing individual responsibility is not the cause of ill health, it’s the broader structural causes. Tied to income, pollution, toxins, and other stuff. • Health is a continuum, you don’t ever reach the state of perfect health. (Antonovsky) • Homelessness • Know general information about how homelessness effects your health, know example At Home Chez-Soi (what was their objective, how did it work, what did they do) • Why do we have a aging population? (increases in life expectancy) • Prevalence of chronic conditions increases with age, older = multiple chronic conditions • Know this example: Age Friendly Communities (how did this project employ the Ottawa Charter) Absolute = Narrow definition (only includes people in shelters/street) Hidden = middle (couch surfing, unstable hous
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