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Lecture 9

IDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Food Sovereignty, Vertical Integration, Horizontal Integration

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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Week 9 food hunger
Malthusian solutions: We need corporation to develop technologies
Food regime: rule->
laws, institution->
norms, practice->
shape the production and consumption.
Development of capitalism->
global character->
affect global food economy.
The first global food regime: to support capitalism in England->
have large working class->
import cheap food->
allowed capitalism develop->grain flow in
Second food regime: grain flowing out->the export grain to their allies during cold war->
GATT liberalizing trade
The corporate food regime: no longer regulated agriculture->emphasize the rule of
Horizontal integration:
Vertical integration:
Concentration in agriculture inputs:
Agrochemical sector:
Concentrating in food retailing:
Corporate concentration:
Food sovereignty: decide their own food system.
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