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Lecture 10

IDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Andre Gunder Frank, Rights-Based Approach To Development, Food Sovereignty

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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IDSA01 Final Tutorial Notes
What has contributed to the increase in demand for food, and rising food prices?
Biofuels, meatification, financial speculation
Corporate concentration and its implications
Farmers and consumers have less choice
Market power
seed availability is low
limits choices and opportunities
difference b/w modernization and dependency theory
modernization: moving from traditional to modern
o high mass consumption society
o linear, universal
o western ideal
o after cold war
o andre gunder frank
o metropoles and satellites
o comes out of latin America
o core and periphery
lasting impacts of colonialism
slavery, tribe differences, borders, genocides, civil wars, scramble for africa, impeding
economic: colonies that had economies geared towards raw materials
prebisch-singer theory
social: new social divisions, made current divisions worse
political consequences: direct vs. indirect
iron rails of colonialism
difference b/w food security and food sovereignty
food security: everyone has access to food
o doesn’t talk about how it’s produced, where it’s produced
food sovereignty: farmers produce the food they want to produce
o rights based approach
domestic and int’l challenges to reducing poverty
entrenched social compartmentalization
o specific people have better lives b/c of social standing
colonial conquest
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