IDSA01H3 Lecture 5: Lecture 5

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Lecture 5 - Counterinsurgencies and development
Counterinsurgency field manual had 2 broad purposes
a. To shift military culture and redirect American effort and resources towards the fighting of Long Wars
that cannot be won solely through military might.
a. To shore up support for what appeared to be a doomed adventure.
Is ZIKA-V a global health security threat?
It has emerged as a global public health threat, but WHO (World Health Organization) does not seem to think that It is a
large enough threat to cancel the Olympic games in Brazil.
Securitization Theory
There is an argument that security is multi-dimensional, including:
Security is a speech act; someone/something (the securitizing agent) has to announce that there is a security
threat with a referent object (individual, national, region, world)
There also involve 2 stages: the securitizing act and that the audience must accept the threat as real
Threats to international security included:
oCold War
(and more recently)…
oWar on drugs
oGlobal war on terrorism
oFailed and fragile states
oClimate security
How we build democracies as being modern; building the economic structures that promote growth? - Strategies for
reconstruction and development:
oStabilization: military doctrine
oProtection: IHL and Human Rights Law
oModernization: multi-dimensional peace building
Insurgency: organized use of subversion and violence by a group to seize, nullify, or challenge political control of
a region
Counterinsurgency: comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain
insurgency and address its root causes
oAssumptions: that insurgents want to take over or split the nation insurgents, want to use violence, and
need the support of the population. So, it is noted that popular support is swayable. Give this, the people
expect the state to provide goods and services. Ultimately, the solution to insurgency is for the state to
become more "developed."
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find more resources at
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