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Lecture 9

IDSB01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Intermontane, Gordes, Cash Crop

International Development Studies
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Forces of urban migration
- Desertification land is degrading not productive
- Mechanized cash crop sector mrchanition and muntilnational biotrch
- Climate
But then…
- Mexico’s national policy moved from u rural environments to urban environments to
o “pull factor” focusing entirely on one area
Water Supply
- Mexico city is subsideing so they are pumping water back into ground
- 1st” environemtnal problem to manifest in Mexico city
- Because drainage network set-up by location in intermontane basin, Mexcio city located on a
series of confined aquifers made of volcanis ash seperaderd by clay
- Lakes
Air Pollution
- Mexico is located in the subtropical higpressure zone
- “falling high pressure occurring in the city”
- High altitudes
- Factors affecting air pollution
- Enclosed intermontane basin
- Now-march in descenfins air of STHPZ
- Upper later of this subsding aire warmer than lower, causing subsidence inversion ( a body of
warm air over coll air that prevents mixing)
What can be done?
- Develop adequate service and serivec into illegal settlesments ( from richers part to poorer
Sustainable urbam development
- Pollution management
o Transboundary? Cooperation and funding from both developed and develpong
o Regulations, monitoeinf and enforcement
Urban environments: conclusion
- Mexico xity shows….
- Create enviornments that impedes development
- Sick workforces
- Unstable housing
- Low invest
- Decreased economic growth
- Balance policy
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