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IDSB01H3 Lecture Notes - Washington Consensus, Social Movement Organization, Human Poverty Index

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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What Is Development? 13:43
Understanding power of language & words in shaping behavior
Linking normative view with policy making
Historical roots & how we came to view development today
Understand how underdevelopment as a social construct was invented
Uncovering assumptions of dominant view & why alternatives arent possible
Millennium Development Goals
Where do they come from and what do they represent?
Social Construction of Ideas
Word Matters need to know why and what to measure
i.e. grades in school determine whether you are a good/bad student
Mass media powerful, they matter
Portray western world ideals
Word Matters
Progress = moving forward
Small words have a BIG impact on society
Who Defines progress? Truman After ww2
Idea that economic growth will solve all
After WW2, words were created
Developing countries split world into Haves vs. Have-nots
Third World
HOMOGENIZATION Taking different ideals and mix them together
Money bonds countries together; generalization based on income: depends on how
much you make
Tells nothing about the country itself
Causes people to make untrue conclusions
Global South
Replacing developing countries
Refers to countries south of the equator
People who make countrys consumer goods, usually underpaid
Universality & Freedom
After WW2, Truman was concerned about communism and the possibility of being
He came up with the notion of freedom; to choose to be your ideal self
This was central to the UN
And led by the USA, freedom was attempted to be reached by developing countries

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Progress has a downside, some are now aware
Economic imperative
Power of market
Law of Scarcity
Conquest and domination
Corner market, hold on a commodity = Monopoly
Gives ability for owner to set price
Few in control
Effects world
Millennium Goals: - Do we need to adjust our policies? Or is it about money?
Society based on moral assumption, moral issue. Not economic
Morally unacceptable, under the circumstances
Language, structure, and ideas affect how we see the world
Causes incorrect assumptions
Language constructs meanings by representation
Knowledge construction
Knowledge constructed through discourse
Context and contingencies
Knowledge and power
Those in control of language increase their power
We are socialized at an early age to see things a certain way
Whoever controls technology defines the way the world will se things
Who is being represented?
The people with the access and know how of the resource
The way the world is represented depends of factors used to define it
The more wealthy you are = the more you want
More unsatisfied with life
Conceptual inflation = conflation
Development = economic growth
Economic growth = growth in GNP
Development = growth in GNP

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Health = Medicine, Education = certification
Problem with this approach
All kinds of medicine healthiest people
Health = well being, not just medicine
No easy solutions
Problems with definition of development:
Tinkering adding the action of it
Equiliteracy = health/life expectancy = economic opportunities/GDP per capita =
Life is NOT measured in money and world definition of satisfaction
Life = self satisfaction
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