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International Development Studies
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IDSA01 – Wednesday October 13 , 2010 – Week 5 Land Reform and Development  What is land? o It is a territory with which a particular people identify with o Landscape valued for its natural resources o Is a very crucial factor of production  Land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship o Meanings of land have implications on why there is interest on particular land, and how it is held and distributed o How land was acquired, by whom, how it is used; can all determine its multiple meanings  Loss of Land o “Land dispossession” through  Central to colonialism  Having control and authority over land, meaning they control “the people” o “people without land, are no people”  Via development projects  Theories of building new infrastructure o Roads, cities, dams, facilities  Via conservation areas (protected areas)  “land is great for wildlife, but the Natives are killing it”  Via war  Leads to migration, new authorities, land mines etc.  Natural disasters  Land inequalities tend to ignite social struggles  Land grab or development?  When foreign corporations/gov’t buys or list land from poor countries  Land in poor countries are used to grow bio-fuels, not food for the poor people  People who lose land are poor, weak and most vulnerable  Land Reform o Redistribution of private or public lands for the benefit of those who deserve it or “qualify” o Closely associated with struggle for social justice o Aspects:  Land redistribution (deal with inequality from rich to poor)  Land restitution (land claims to prove that the land stolen was yours)  Land tenure reform (strengthening people’s rights to land; relationships b/w people in regards to land)  Rights over land o
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