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International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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IDSA01 – Wednesday September 22, 2010 – Lecture 2 What is Development? Conceptualization and Discourse Oct 6 5-6 Public Lecture SY110 Oct 6 2-4 Workshop SW403  Objectives o Understanding the power of language and words in shaping behaviour around the world  Linking normative view with policy making o Look at the historical roots of how we came to view development today  How do ideas get selected, have impact on our lives etc o Understand underdevelopment  How was this “invented” by social construct o Uncovering the assumptions of the dominant view and argue why alternatives are not only possible, but necessary  Really the questions that we will be asking throughout this term  Millennium Development Goals summit opens o Taking place in NY o 8 goals made in 2000 to be made by 2015  ….? o Where do they come from and what do they represent?  Opera in the Neoliberal era o Everybody can get rich of you are good at what you do and if the market demands your product o Create wants and then your product is sold o Bono, Melinda, Bill Gates o Celebrities have POWER  Ask for more money…but why money?  The Social Construction of Ideas o Word matters  We see things through representation, metaphor, conceptual inflation  Media and body images  War on terrorism, evil actions, weapons of mass destruction  Metaphor: people who are dead, collateral damage  Ideas are social conventions that are accepted  We see something and critic it subjectively, not objectively o Measurement Matters  But need to know why and what to measure  The way by which people legitimize  Academics, statistics, political votes, people’s success  Life’s satisfaction is never measured (volunteering makes me happy)  Wordle.net  “Progress” o Unfolding stages that is accepted by all  Progress is inevitable – that’s a metaphor!  Countries go through progress? – NO. It’s a metaphor! o If a stage is not followed through, it is termed “abnormal”  Underdevelopment o Truman used the word  Right after WWII  Some of these countries who did not go through these stages fell back, called abnormal, termed underdevelopment, and they need help – economic resources  Word Matters o Developing countries
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