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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA01 – Wednesday September 29 , 2010 – Lecture 3 Birns The Human Right to Health in the Context of Development: Historical Perspectives  Health – Rights – Development  There is a difference between advocating for the poor and advocating for poverty o Pro-poor? o Pro-poverty? – ANTI poverty/poor instead  Lower the wage = higher the exploitation = bigger economic growth  Health and human rights field argues that you cannot argue that you are against poverty and poor  The Spirit of 1848: the triangle of health, human rights, and development o The most uplifting social justice era  Cholera pandemic led to  Trade and commerce, urbanization growth which led to cholera  Revolutions around the world  Not exactly just in Europe  Human social collective demands for human rights and public health nd  Start of 2 Sikh war against British in India  Resistance to US invasion of Mexico  Dakar uprising leads to abolition of slavery in French empire  Britain passes first ever Public Health Act  French Rev  Creation of public health advisory/committee etc o Communist Manifesto publication  Marx/Engels  Call for labourers to leave the factories and create a society to met needs o Developments in the medical world  Rudolf Virchow  Found pathological processes can be viewed at a cellular level under the microscope  Typhus outbreak o He noticed that they had extremely poor conditions/oppressed  He analyzed the ROOTS of health o Political economy  Is the father of health and human rights and development  Social medicine and human rights o Salvador Allende  Minister of Health in Chilena  In his book La Realidad Medico-Social Chilena, he wrote that it is impossible to bring health and knowledge to oppressed people who were exploited  Faced considerable opposition Present Era  From WWII to the Cold War o Devastation of WWI  Role of health services or lack thereof was VERY important o Influenza pandemic  Assam – combo of famine and influenza led to a bad immune system o Great Depression  Financial crisis; unemployment o Horrors of WWII  Intolerance o The UN was the postwar hope for the people  Coupled with the declaration of human rights was the peak of human aspirations  Roosevelt and Humphrey were the writers of it  ’46-’48 close to half the worlds pop was living under colonialism o Instead, the Cold War quickly took centre stage  A lot of the UN declaration hopes could not be accomplished because of the West (US) and East (SU) blocs o The indivisibility of rights  The nee
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