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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA01 – Wednesday October 6 , 2010 – Lecture 4 Cultural and Development  Development the idea as cultural  Development the practice as cultural  Culture as development  Story 1 – The Crop o 20 years ago o Northern rural Pakistan o Developmentally – they are considered poor; however, if asked, they do not consider themselves poor at all o Intensive agricultural works: different species of wheat planted within the crops (6 varieties)  Risk mediation  Food security  Pests and variety o Agra Khan Foundation  Most socially sensitive organization bc they went into communities as culturally sensitive  Introduce high yielding varieties of crops that make a high surplus = sell into market = make money  Segestay  In N. Pakistan, there were not ideal climatic conditions so the crop that the development agency (had already tested at a different altitude in another location) did not flourish for the poorer families  Only those who could afford to lose had experimented with the crops o Used different irrigation/soil etc practices (“scientific method”)  They flourished, but not in time o The climatic conditions turned the growing wheat into mold (it lodges)  It also didn’t taste good  No ease of grinding characteristics  This development agency was intolerent of the TRADITION of the village; comparing the village to the modernization theory  Development (the idea) as cultural o Enlightenment values o Modernization and the idea of progress o Development agencie
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