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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDS Week 8 Lecture Development and Environment: Climate Change and food security Land use under environmental and economic risk - Limits of the environment are being pushed. Climate change, what is it? - Strong correlation between greenhouse gases and temperature. - Precipitation is decreasing in vulnerable subtropical zones. Climate change and development - Mitigation is mostly associated with international agreements and adaptation. Mitigation - Main premise of mitigation is buying and selling their own greenhouse emissions. They can sell their emissions to those who are emitting higher . The Kyoto Protocol - The goal of stabilizing and decreasing the emission of Greenhouse gases. One good thing that came out of these international agreements is something called REDD. - Co-benefits: plant trees and gain money. - What REDD was money exchanging. - It is working well because it is relatively low capital requirements you either cut or plant trees and very low capital is required. Vulnerability and adaptation - If the rainy season shortens or shifts in subtropical zones there will be major impacts on agriculture. Declining productivity - When you get to the degraded soil phase farmers will lay back and let the forest grow back. Soil degradation,
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