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International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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IDS Wk 5 LAND: Wars between neighbours, countries over land, territory. Land is about identity. Factors of production, land, labour, capital No production unless you have land. If people sy im interested in land and what makes them interested in land PROPERTY AND POVERTY REGIMES Property is a benefit stream. Something that you benefit from. Property right- a claim to property 4 different types of property: - State property- Access for the public is held in trust by the gov’t. Others must observe use or access rules determined by gov’t. - Private property- An individual, household or company has a right to undertake socially acceptable uses. Even if it is private you are bound by certain rules. - Common property- “Owners” have the right to exclude non-members, and non-members have duty to abide by exclusion. - Non-property (Open access)- No owners. It is free-for-all. RIGHTS OVER LAND: - Use rights- right to use land for residence, right for passage ex. Create a road through a farm and all of us will have right to passage. As long as you don’t steal you have the right to passage on private land, hunting. What is usufruct rights? - Transfer rights- right to transfer land through inheritance, gifting, lending, swapping, buying or selling. Land as a gift, lend land, swap land - Administration/Control rights- authority to allocate or withdraw land from use. LOSS OF LAND OR LAND RIGHTS: - People lost land through dispossession through colonialism. Europeans colonized lands and those lands are now countries. - You can lose land through development projects. Lot of the development projects are for the rich. - Land dispossession via creation of conservation areas (national parks/p
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