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International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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IDSA01- LECTURE 3  Who are the key players/actors in international development? – states, state agencies, multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, multinational corporations, philanthropies- silent donators. Foundations – one thing that they have common is Kernegy. Industrialists who create the foundations make public policies and international public policies. Think tanks: collection of experts on a particular problems they are put together to find specific solutions. They focus on education. Right wing/left wing think tanks, NGOs and CSOs – civil society organization, celebrities – Angelina Jolie, citizens  World health organization, world bank, united nations, NATO, ILO, World trade organization , unicef, international monetary fund, red cross. G8/G20, Save the Children, War Child, World Vision, Unesco. Care, World food program. Greenpeace.  Read chapter 10 for The united Nations System – created by the UN: - know the chart  Economic power house – world economic forum. Is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.  Democratic government: they are accountable to the citizens, the state has to appease the citizens in one way or the other. World economic forum – bankers, CEO of software companies or businesses. Using corporate strategies to raise money for social issues.  What guide the actions of development actors?- publicity, by donating money they would gain more popularity- works as a motivation. Alternative interests – use that as a way to get into the market, personal gain / corporate gain, giving aids to the country will hear your suggestions. Development as foreign policy tool – tied aid: that is given to a country for specific things to specific country- giving the money and building an airport so that the donating countries plane could fly in.  Development as
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