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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA01 LECTURE#3 WEDNESDAY September 26, 2012 PLAYERS IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 1  Midterm Saturday October 27 1-3pm  Format – 80% multiple choice questions  20% short answer question 2  RECAP o How development is suppose to be define. o We looked at the short comings of the WB definition of development –GNP/GDP o GNP and GDP does not measure growth properly and human well being o PROBLEM: How do we measure the outcome of development?  What do you value? Material good (GDP) or human wellbeing (freedom of choice)? o If your development tool box is only a hammer (GDP) then everything you look at can look like a nail (confined and small) 3  RECAP  The idea of progress o Increasing faith in the power of science in understanding the world o Advanced people vs. timelessness o Science tells us that society can go through states and rise from developing to developed o There are people that think that some people need to be lifted up and need to be helped  William Easterly – ‘ideology of developmentalism’ (ARTICLE WE READ) 4  LECTURE #3 STARTS 5  Change in context  Countries that are receiving aid are developed countries o Ex. China lending US o European countries receiving more aid $ than developing countries  Arab spring o Who is in charged and has a say to how states behave? o How is the world coming to be governed?  Occupy Movement – a challenge to the whole new liberal system of generating wealth with the consequence 99% owning the wealth and 1% owning nothing and facing poverty  The connection between unfettered capitalism and inequalities became important to people –it was right in your face everyday  These new money are shifting the global dynamic – who gets to speak and lead (ex. Apple, Microsoft, etc.)  China has a fast growing middle and high income o They have been lending money to developed countries o Unlike the World Bank that has tied their aid with governance policies (ex. you have to run an election). China would say you let us have the right (development corporation) to do this and you can have the money  BRICS countries o Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa was once upon a time developing countries. Now they are emerging fast growing economies changing regional and global power o Shift in geopolitical power – ex. Olympics and world cup is held in Brazil in 2013 6  Who governs the world?  The UN general assembly just finished today  Obama was giving a speech today at the UN  UN – multilateral organization that was formed after WW2 to band countries together to come to some understand on how to live together peacefully and resolve our conflicts without going to war. Work together collectively with small and big powers o They created different bodies to look after different categorizes like human health, women’s health, agriculture, WHO, etc. o The UN was “originally” an institution is designed to handle these multilateral global problems o A lot of people questioned why do we still have the UN, if they have no power? 7  In New York is still another important meeting going on  Clinton Global initiate o Bill Clinton – a soft power, huge political importance and a huge social network 8  The players o States – the more power players in the past o CSOs - Civil societies organizations o There are many new players today o Think tanks – research based institution who focuses on a particular type of issue 9  State lev
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