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International Development Studies
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Lecture Two09232010What is DevelopmentConceptualization and discourseObjectives1Understanding The Power of Language and words in shaping behaviour linking normative views with policy making2Look at historical roots of how we came to view development today3Understanding how underdevelopment as a social construct was invented 4Uncovering the assumption of the dominant view and argue why alternatives are not possible but necessarySocial Millennium Development Goals1End Poverty and Hunger2Achieve Universal Primary Education3Promote Gender EqalityEquality4Reduce Child Deaths5Improve Maternal Health6Combat AIDS and Malaria7Ensure EnviormentalEnvironmental Sustainability8Strengthen the Global PartnershipWhere Do the MDGs come from and what do they representThe Social Constriction of IdeasMeasurement MattersBut need to know why and what to measureFor example Media portrays the image of a normal women These come with consequence the words and measurement are significantEach country has a historyLord KelvinIf it cannot be measured in cannot be controlledAlbert EnisteinNot everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted countsWord MattersRepresentation metaphor conceptual inflationDevelopingBeing led into conclusion that have not Third Worldbe warrantedGlobal SouthThese Classification do not always Universality describe the countries wellProgress UnillnealUniversalImprovementMoving ForwardModernFreedom Freedom to choose your economic need freedom to be whoever you want to beMeaning and RepresentationLanguage construct meaning through represnetaionThe word we use are often do mean what we intend the on being they are usually dangerous and falseKnowledge is constructedThe way we see the world is not free as we believe it is because we are deceived by social advantage Knowledge is powerfulContext and ContingenciesKnowledge is PowerThose who control knowledge control usWhoever is being represented must be in touch with technologyConceptual InflationConflatationColonist always work out this way logic fallacy1Development Economic Growth2Ecnomic Growth Growth in GNP3Development Growth in GNPExample HealthMedicine depend on how the culture will respond to the solution link health with well being we need to unbundle the terms and start from scratchHow to decide what to measureWhat is an appropriate indictor developmetWhere is the locus of measurementThe purpose of development is to find out what makes human life more meaningfulTinkering with DefinitionsSocial DevelopmentRural DevelopmentHumancentered developmentIntegregatedInterrogated DevelopmentRedevelopmentSustainable DevelopmentHUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEXLecture Three20100930The Human Rights to Health in the Context of development Historical PerspectivesKey Points
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