Lecture 2: What is "Development"?

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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA1030 PROFCHEN 09212011 LECTURE TWO WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTUALIZATION AND DISCOURSEy The Global Fundpublicprivate partnership money contributedby govnt and private sector towards funding towards fight for AIDS TB and Malaria y The Millennium Development Goalo Who defines these goalso Why are these people choseno How is the benefit going to be measured effectivelyy w regards to the Millennium Development Goals it has been seen that Canadas efforts towards Improving Maternal Health has been neglectedy Dambisa Mayo Said AIDS relief money is going into pockets of government officials Relief is cause not cure of povertyo Vicious cycle where richer countries make money off poor countriesIe Take interest on loans y We cannot begin to comprehend development of any country wo knowledge of its historyy Colonialism Africa was divided and colonized by European Countriesin order to extract resources ie Belgium Britain Spain French Germanyo Which is why those parts of Africa may speak the language of their colonizers ie French Englishy Today there is war be
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