Lecture 5: Land Reform and Development

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA10PROFCHEN 101211 LECTURE FIVE LAND REFORM AND DEVELOPMENT Lecture By Professor Thembela Kempe Meanings of Landp Land means different things to different peoplep But it is defined asA territory with which a particular people identifyo A territory where people gain their identityo This identification can lead to wars between nations people p Land can also be defined asA landscape valued for its natural resources food shelter raw materialsp Land can also be seen as a Crucial factor of production o Such things are Land Labour Capital and Entrepreneurship p The Meanings of land have implications on why there is interest on particular landBasically Land isa An identityb A landscape for resourcesProperty and Property Regimesp Property is a benefit or income streamp Property right is a claim to a benefit streamo You can claim rights to a particular benefit streamo This doesnt apply everywhere if you are friends with someone and benefit from them you do not
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