Lecture 7: Colonialism and Development

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International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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IDSA10PROFCHEN 102611 LECTURE 7 COLONIALISM AND DEVELOPMENT THE 1940s1950s GROUNDNUT SCHEME IN TANGANYIKALecture By Professor Stephen Rockel Key WordsOverview p Regional variations in emergence of colonial economyo Proportion of Africans to the 7 billion today is less now than before the slave trade Africa is actually underpopulated in terms of land masstho In most parts of Africa colonialism began in the late 18 century Basis of economy hasnt changed mucho West Africa Peasant production peasants controlled land and farming popular The process by which West Africa was integrated into the world economy varied from nation to nation West African peasants were quick to respond to market opportunities got good prices because there was an increase in demand for African commodities y Oil producing plants were in demand ie palm oil peanut oily Used for cooking cosmetics soap candlesPeanuts were very important particularly in drier areas of West Africa Farmers were also responding to market investment in Cocoa5 years to receive return Peasant Production Family LabourBritish took control over land for Cocoa Production as peasant productiono East AfricaMines and Plantationso Equatorial Africa The Congo centralwest Africa Exploitive and based on violence the use of force to extract raw materialstha Before colonial period in 19 century this region didnt export much in natural products west Africa did palm oilb Population density was relatively low in forestsc Congo second largest colony in terms of area in Africa was the property of King Leopold of BelgiumBecause this was his own personal property there were very few resources available to develop the Congo Colonial rule here was harshCongo had rubber needed for car tiresrubber was wild so it had to be collected forcibly by Africansp Violence of early colonial periodo In the beginning countries began as specialists of a certain commodity 23 exports
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