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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Ryan Isakson

The Population Problem and Demographic Presentation the seven billionth person was born a few years ago What does such a large global population mean World Population Trends1990 53 billion Population and MalthusIncrease in population would lead to famine war poverty Logic The idea that population increases at a geometric rate versus food production increases at a linear rate Your population exceeds carrying capacityMalthus said that population growth occurs amongst the poor laboring class What prevents this o Technological advances medicine technique crop rotation Green Revolution new crops introduced from South America pop doesnt always grow at a geometric rate Poverty and Population Much of the population growth historically happens in the Global South Ie 2010 world pop increased by 100 million people 95 was in 3W why o Developing world already has a larger poulation higher fertility rates in the GSPoverty and Population direction of causation o Population grow poverty Or o Povertypopulation growth Cypher and DeedsWhy do we people have children o Support systemsform of social insurance If the govt isnt providing social welfare o Children are free labor o High infant mortality rates o Cultural value of having children o Preference of son o Subjugation of women o Entertainment o Theme poverty and population growth can decrease incomeDoes population growthpoverty o In some of the poorest countries high fertility rates threaten development and perpetuate poverty UNFPA State of World Population 2011the numbers arent necessarily important but trather that the conditions exist so that children can grow develop and have access to an education and opportuniteis to chagne the direction fo their lives
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