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International Development Studies
Liang Chen

IDSB01 Lec 1 Worlds Biggest Challenges (Discussion) - Global Warming and other environment problems (totally new, all the other ones in this list have always existed somehow) o Evidence is overwhelming that we are undergoing global warming o Possible that human activity had to do with it (presumption), but even if not then its still a concern - Wealth (Income) Distribution Inequality o If we compare the top 10% of the worlds population (top decile) and compare them to the bottom decile (approx. 50 million people). You can assume people in the top decile to be focused in Japan, US, Europe etc and a scattering of people otherwise. o The ratio of people in the top decile to the bottom decile is about 65 or 70:1. o Huge difference that its obviously true; the kind of extra money people in the top decile have are used to relatively useless things (i.e. 5 car, 3 yacht) as opposed to benefitting people in the bottom decile. o Take net disposable income difference in Canada between top and bottom decile: 7:1 (moderate, not as bad as Africa but not as goodutilitarian as Sweden) - Human Rights Problems (Wrongs) o Much more severe in some countries than others o Issue comes into this course is that human rights are causally related to economic situations directly - Challenge of Change in Distribution of World Power [New World Order (too general)] o Need a New World Order (political sense) in light of ongoing changes i.e. block American invasion of Iraq
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