IDSB01 - Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Liang Chen

IDSB01 Lec 6 Admin Stuff - Midterm o Study: up to and including todays class + movie o Most common question: what different weight should I give to sources of information in course? (Lectures + his lecture notes + readings) Essay-type questions draw on all 3 sources Usually good if you have lectures, but better with readings Compare his answer to answer you have, might be different but thats ok, no right answer Dont worry about formal essay structure, somewhat concerned with order of ideas, but no worry about introbodyconclusion Advise: jot down your points on the side and just string together in the essay Short-answer questions draw much more on readings Greater share would be unable to answer if you dont read Sometimes list but always explain, anything is fair game i.e. for what reason is the IMF created? o Dont worry about names, numbers (good if you can mention, but no big) o Often asks for definitions meanings of things If its just mentioned once in passing in the reading, no worries, but if its the subject of discussion in readings, you should know the issueword o Warning: dont spend excessive amounts of time on short answers, make sure you budget your time according to mark budgets (i.e. if a question is worth 25% of midterm, you spend 25% of time on it) - Paper
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