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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

th IDSB04 – Tuesday September 14 , 2010 – Lecture 1  Course Themes o Understand IH in context of power and influence  Health/medicine culturally bound  Domain of political and ideological struggles o IH intertwined with economic concerns  Circulation of goods and people (globalization)  Development o Understand IH in terms of interactions  Epidemiology with policies and institutions  Aid as form of negotiation  Political economy of int’l health framework that will be studied o Health is not the product of one’s individual characteristics; health is the product of all the complexity of these factors  Key Definitions o WHO (Chapter 1 p.3) o International heath (p. 5) th  Came into use after the early 20 century as sovereign countries established...  Distinct from tropical medicine  Uprisings during cholera pandemics; social consequences leading to health issues o U.S. Institute of Medicine’s definition of global health (p.6)  Know global health definition  Reread pg. 5-6, and know diff between global and international health o See Box 1-1  Antecedents of International Health th th o Black Death – 14 -17 c. Bubonic plague  >25 million deaths in Europe: >25% pop  Public health boards: cordon sanitaire, quarantine  Citizen prayed, quarantined and walled in o Colonial Conquest: 1492 onwards  Disruptions, Deprivation, Disease, Death  150? Million deaths in Americas  Toward West Indies; on part of Spanish and Europeans o Atlantic Slave trade 1600-1900  11.4 million slaves departed West Africa  The indigenous population were so decimated that they did not serve as a good labour force for the Spanish and Portuguese; they took Africans  There was an ideological imperative and economic imperative between whites and blacks  10 million arrived in Americas  “Middle Passage”mortality o
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