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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04 – Tuesday September 21 , 2010 - LECTURE 2 The Political Economy of Health and Development  Biomedical model (pg. 133) o Views health at an individual personal level o Health is conceptualized as the absence of disease rather than the overall well-being o Mostly curative, but not exclusive  Vaccines etc o Does cover certain behavioural determinants o Mainstream approach to health o Appeal stems from Technological advances from the 1900’s  Behavioural model (pg. 134) o Health and illness is a function of individual or household actions and beliefs  Or a reward for healthy living/outcome of poor lifestyle choices o Focus is on regulation that would change behaviours or changing of personal conduct and cultural attitudes  Economic incentives, education, counselling  Spiritual and supernatural phenomenon  Political economy approach (pg. 134) o Considers political, social, cultural, and economic contexts in which disease and illness raise o Is power distributed? Economic practices? Examines social structures o Views health as a function and reflection of linked determinants that operate at multiple levels; they act simultaneously o Health can be improved through better redistribution of societal welfare o The PEA doesn’t discard the role of medicine and technologies; it is used in conjunction with the other components  Table 4-3 o Understanding the causal and treatments go hand in hand  Think in multiple layers and multiple thinks o See the long table in chapter 4  How has the economy progressed? o Rudolf Virchow  He understood that you couldn’t not address diseases at the cellular level  Social, economic etc o Latin American Social Medicine  Salvador Allende 1939, Chile  You cannot relay disease prevention to the poor o Chilean Medico-Social Reality  Treatise of social medicine in 20 century linking disease to socio-economic  See book  Table 4-1, 4-3 o Life expectancy is getting better o Population dropped in the 80’s because of HIV  Decrease in economic, political etc structures that caused death o Western Europe mortality increases because of SU collapse and lack of social safety networks (1990’s)  What is the relationship bw health and development? o Pg. 152-153 o Means very different things to different sectors o International context  Big business, foreign affairs, politicians AND citizens,multilateral agencies o Development ideas and practices are closely linked to foreign assistance  Industrialized helping developing o Most successful development effort was US rebuilding of Japan and Europe post WWII  US needed strong economic and military powers o GDP/capita definition  It misses income inequalities; just tells you the gross measures o Table 4.6  Cold War Politics and Development (pg. 155-160) o Marshall Plan 1947 o Trumans’s Point IV Plan 1949  Raised the living standard of the dev world through the provision of technical skills, knowledge and equipment o Green Rev 1940-1960  Technology to stop hunger? o Commonwealth Colombo Plan 1951 
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