Lecture 12: Chapter 14

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Lecture 11 Chapter 14: Doing International Health Key Questions: - How does the traditional approach to doing international health compare to the political economy approach? - What are the connections among personal motivations, institutional aims and the geopolitical context of international heath? - What alternatives to traditional international health help foster true cooperation? - How do we measure success in international health? Traditional international health is marked by: p694-6 - Historical patterns of colonial relations - Foreign policy prioritiesself-interest - Persistent inequalities - Yet learning is multi-directional and engagement in international health can be transformative Traditional international health - Presumes that the powerful have a monopoly on knowledge - That the colonial past is distant - Relies on some development economists who smugly reproduce advice and actions based on flawed models Parasites and politics: p698 African Sleeping Sickness (Trypanosomiasis) - Tsetse flies, parasites immune system, CNS - Long contained thru herding - Colonialism disrupted ecological equilibrium - Problem of African body or colonial body politic - Continuing legacy of 60m exposed, 100k infected - ^Neglected_ disease J tropical disease Practicing International Health: People, Organizations and the World Order p698-9 1) Motivations and actions of individuals 2) Missions and interventions of organization 3) Logic and structures of the world order BOX14.2 Personal Motivation for Working in International Health 1) Desire for a broader perspective on public health 2) Scientific research andor teaching interests www.notesolution.com
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