Lecture 11: Chapter 13

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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Lecture 11 Chapter 13 Toward Healthy Societies: From Ideas to Action @Z^]ZZ }L}o_ }L ]}L}]LL]}LoZoZ9Z^ ZZZL>]K]]}LZ-8 - Hookworm vs. Malaria (pre WWII) J shoe wearing, swamp draining, mosquito nets etc. o Sanitary + Technical approaches - PromisePerils of technical approaches J pure technical - Smallpox: did the end justify the means? Table 13.1: Cost of Smallpox Eradication Program Child Survival Campaigns p659-60 - 1982 onwards: GOBI-FFF (Growth Monitoring, Oral-Rehydration Therapy, Breast Feeding, Immunization J family planning, female education, food supplementation) - Throwback to technically-based disease campaigns - Effective if narrowly defined but underlying conditions not addressed: malnutrition, lack of sanitation o Most of IMR decline pre-dated child survival - Vertical rather than community-based approaches Individualistic behavior-change p660 ^@Z}} Z2]Z]2L}L L]L}]Z]}7LZl} ZL2Z] lifestyles to EZ}Z ] KZL Z]LZ] ZZK;:JZZ}ooo of the implications of doing band-]}lZKE}Z2]ZL_ Which Selective Interventions Work and What is
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