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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04H3: Globalization 17:10 Informal sector: outside of legal and social institutions. Such as sex work and child labour but it could also mean cottage work. Selling goods on the streets. Multinational and transnational corporations: often have special deals with government which they do not have to abide laws and regulations, trying to avoid regulations GNP: total country outcome, as an economy as a whole. Take a look at 9-1. Angles on health and globalization pg.418 The impact on health of neoliberal globalization -free trade and financial liberalization: privatization and deregulation -debt crises and imposed conditionalities of IFIs to abandon welfare state -environmental damage -restructuring of labor processes -creation of free trade zones -occupational(work-related) health and disease health problems also understood as manifestation of globalization -spread of infectious disease (e.g. SARS, HIV, TB, West Nile) -spread of political, social, and cultural conditions that underpin health and disease (e.g. mental illnesses and diabetes) International health reshaped as global health Globalization: did it all start at the U of T? Oracle of the Electronic Age Best known book: The Medium is the Massage Coined the term global villagea world made smaller and more integrated by mass communication; electronic media; cultural interconnectedness Globalization defined Any system of transcontinental trade and travel Integration of localnational economies into global market Communications accelerated: transport, electronic media International flow of capital, labour, knowledge Cultural importationinvasionhegemony Neoliberal Globalization Promotion of free marketsremoval of trade barriers, resulting in: Reduction of subsidies for the poor Cost recoveryuser fees for essential services Privatization of public assets Weakened role of government Growing dominance of Western-based transnational capital; and
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