Lecture 6 Notes

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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSBO4 Lec 6 US has lower redistribution, so not all capita has the same income (compares income per capita and life expectancy) US spends most on healthcare but gets less bang for its buck No real concrete correlation between income and life expectancy (2 graphs, one where little income increase relates to a lot of life expectancy changes and another one where more income = less life increase) Box. 7-1 Fig 1-1 P. 312-13 Genetic conditions (outcomes socially mediated) We cannot address nature without addressing nurture Personal agency and decisions Behaviours Lifecourse trajectories How your later health is influenced by your earlier health (early childhood development impacts your health later on in life) Like exposure to toxic chemicals, illnesses, malnutrition, etc P. 313-322, Living conditions water and sanitation more access to pipe water = lower infant mortality rate (less toxic heavy metals or toxic chemicals) Iraq has 80% pipe water but high infant mortality contaminated pipes due to bombing and lack of upkeep Sri Lanka has low pipe levels and extremely low imr water isnt going into individual homes and plots but is delivered at a community level www.notesolution.com
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