Lecture 7 Notes

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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04 Lec 7: Globalization, Trade, Work, and Health Table 9-1: Key definitions relating to globalization, trade, and work TNCs (Transnational corporations) can have special agreements with govts so they dont have to follow human rights, etc laws P.418: Key Questions P. 418: Angles on health and globalization Impact on health of neoliberal globalization free trade and financial liberalization: privatization and deregulation Debt crises and imposed conditionalities of IFIs to abandon welfare state Environmental damage Restructuring of labor processes Creation of free trade zones Occupational (work-related) health and disease Health problems also understood of as manifestation of globalization Spread of infectious disease Spread of political, social, and cultural conditions that underpin health and disease International health reshaped as global health What are the differences between global and international health, and why it is important to make the distinction Globalization: did it all start at the UofT? Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980); professor of English, Director of Centre for Culture and Technology Oracle of the Electronic Age Best known book: the medium is the massage www.notesolution.com
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