Lecture 2: Chapter 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Lecture 2 Chapter 4: The Political Economy of Health and Development Models of Understanding Health and Disease 1) Biomedical Model - Individual level, machine with constituent parts - Primarily in terms of the absence of disease - Largely curative, preventive (vaccine, screening, genetic testing) and considers the role of behavioral determinants of health (heredity, lifestyle) - Cure: surgery (anesthesia, asepsis); behavior change, pharmacotherapy 2) Behavioral Model - Individual or household actions and beliefs - Results either as reward of health living or inevitable outcome of poor choices - Primary focus on regulation or changing of personal conduct - Cure: different choices regarding diet, stressful situations, exercise 3) Political Economy Approach - political social, cultural, economic, societal structures effect health - Views health linked to SDoH: individual, household, community, workplace, social class, national and global political economic content - Cure: public policy, redistribution of resources, societal welfare, political mobilization - Efforts include: biomedical technologies and behaviorlifestyle ^Zo] L]LL]}LoZoZ} ZZZ]o]Z]}oLK] oK}oZ7]Z}o} broader societal relations and structures de-KZZ]_ Case Study: Working Conditions, Poverty and Tuberculosis in South African Mines - Migration model, poor working conditions, poor ventilation crowding The political economy approach Major Tenets - }L}K] } }oZ]ZZ} ]o}}o]] o}~
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