IDSB04 Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04Lecture 3International health agencies activities and other actors Profile analysis and critiqueTable 31 Typology of International Health Actors Agencies and ProgramsoThe first 3 sets of agencies are the biggest players in international healthoBilateral agenciesrefers to the large agencies that mostly but not exclusively industrialized countries operate inoFoundationsthe new guard is far more prevalent and prominent than the old guard foundationsoPPP Public Private Partnerships are organizations that are a combination of public and private interests may be multilateral whereas the private entity is usually a set of business interestsAre new to the international health sceneoMissionary and Religious Agencies were historically central to the health system Missionaries established hospitals and clinics in the most remote areasoNGO Non Governmental Organizationsare used often as a lump sum category sometimes representing what is the civil society something being separate both from government and private industryin a sense its the movement and activities of the peopleBox 31Box 26oJean Henri Dunant witnesses the bloody battle of Solferino 24 June 1859 as was moved to found the Red Cross to assist people wounded and displaced by warfare Mission the international committee of the red cross is an independent organization whose humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistanceICRC budget in 2007 800 million funded by voluntary donations by ember sates supranational organizations and local RC societies and individualsRockefeller foundation mottooMotto to promote the well being of mankind though out the worldoGoals to identify and attack at their source the underlying causes of human sufferingoTo harness the creative forces of globalization supporting breakthrough stsolutions to 21 century challengesoAssets of 4 billion grantmaking since 1913 2boActivities13 000 fellows trainedOperated programs in 93 countries shaping public healthHelped found 25 schools of public health around the world
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